Safety Commitment
     Here at Rotschy Inc. we believe a culture of safety is created not by simply writing a policy, but by continually reinforcing commitment to safety from all levels within this organization. Our employees individually understand that safety is as equally important to our company’s success as the quality of our work and the productivity of our crews. This individual commitment to safety enables Rotschy to consistently produce results while remaining focused on our core values – quality work at a fair price.

This commitment to safety that underpins our core values at Rotschy Inc. is implemented through a program designed to foster safety awareness. The highlights of our program include:

       ·  We have a dedicated and fully empowered Safety Department, led by an experienced Safety Manager.
       ·  We provide extensive safety training for each employee at orientation, and we reinforce this training throughout their career with task-
          specific training and weekly jobsite safety meetings.
       ·  We work closely with the Washington Department of Labor & Industries to adequately document and maintain our safe workplace practices
          and recordkeeping.  If an employee gets injured on the job, we proactively manage their claims and help them return to work through our
          company’s Return-to-Work program.

The benefits of this safety program are numerous. We find satisfaction in the fact that our program achieves:

       ·  High employee morale and customer satisfaction.
       ·  Low employee turn-over.
       ·  A feeling of security for the employees and their families that allows our employees to concentrate on their work when they are on the job.
       ·  Low Experience Modification Rate (EMR), which allows us to bid more competitively and maintain a backlog of work that keeps our employees